- Fine-quality everyday clothes - Ageless clothes, that shall still be loved when one's hair turn gray

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The brand concept

― Fine-quality everyday clothes ―
Well-made Simple, upgraded to the level of Super Simple
Maturely effortless and clean

A brand that is ageless, that shall still be worn when one’s hair turn gray.

Ataraxia is a brand of fine-quality everyday clothes for mature women.
Ataraxia is a brand of well-made simple, upgraded to the level of Super Simple.
We cherish styling that speaks of clean mature effortlessness.

A woman, standing still in the natural landscape of modern buildings,
We imagine such a woman as our muse.

We dedicate the brand to a modern age woman who is living a life
Without much difference between daily life and extraordinary.
When she needs to reflect on herself, or when she is just enjoying herself,
When she needs confidence to push her forward,
When she wants to be prepared for stressful times,
At the very moment of challenge…The clothes for each of such scenes,
Ataraxia aims to becomes a brand that conveys a way to be,
A brand of clothing that mature woman will truly enjoy.

Ataraxia is dedicated to women who have worn
World-renowned high-end brands, special vintage pieces,
Standard basics to laid-back work and military clothes,
Women who already know various things and whose values and views are evolving
To the next level. We want these women to shine.
With this as our goal, we launched Ataraxia in 2016 AW.

Clothes that unleash inner feelings, give an air of dignity.

Refreshing and gentle, like a heartful ‘Thank you’

Ataraxia uses many fine and rare materials from all over the world.
Our designing process begins from the material.
From natural-fiber cotton, linen and wool from well-established manufacturers,
To newly developed advanced materials,
We use them with great respect and to their utmost use.

Our patterns are made to feel relaxed and comfortable.
We aim for a silhouette that naturally complements the style
And charm of the one who wears it.

Our items are each carefully made it at a garment manufacturing company in Japan.

Ataraxia is kindly supported by various companies.

Ataraxia is made in Japan.

※ Ataraxia is a philosophical term in Greek, meaning of the state of a quiet mind that is not disturbed.

Items and prices:
Shirts ¥ 28000 ~
Pants ¥ 28000 ~
Outerwear ¥ 89000 ~
Basque T-shirts ¥ 19000 ~

Shinjuku Isetan 4F Life&Style /
Picture, Fukuoka /
Madrigal, Osaka /
ANNIE HOLL, Kagoshima /

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Ataraxia navy coat featured in “Kurashi to Oshare no Henshushitsu”, Oct. 2018.

Ataraxia white shirt and pants featured in Hobonichi “Jouney of a white shirt” ,
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Ataraxia Direction&Design: Kayoko Narita Tangerine8 Co.,Ltd.